Journée des doctorants (JDOC'2018) du site Nantais

On 18 May 2018, the Journée des doctorants (JDOC'2018) will take place at
IMT Atlantique. The goal of this event is to bring together all the
Ph.D. students of the various specialities of ED MathSTIC, in order to
present their work and promote exchanges.

As a second year doctoral student doing your Ph.D. in Nantes, you will
take an active part in this day. Indeed, it will focus on the
presentation of your work through posters and oral presentations. We
recall that participating to this event is mandatory.

You are invited to prepare a four pages paper (in French or English)
along with an abstract of half a page. They must introduce your work
so that it is understandable for scientists who are not specialists of
your field of study. Your papers will be joined into a single volume
that will be distributed to participants. Notice that your paper and
its abstract should be received by April 18. Submission details are
available on the JDOC website (

In addition, you are asked to present your work, either as a poster,
or as an oral presentation:
- Arround 10 oral presentations of 15 minutes each will be scheduled
during the day. They will be selected by the organising committee
after receiving your paper submissions. In case your paper is not
selected you have to do a poster.
- A1 posters will be exposed on site throughout the day. The
production of the poster is under your full responsibility (and at the
expense of your laboratory) and will be taken there by you. An
electronic version of this poster must be received by May 2. A few
posters will be presented as 120 seconds talks (on voluntary basis).

For more information, check the website (
or contact the organising committee (

Best regards,
The organizing commitee


Lieux de l'évènement: 
IMT Atlantique Nantes
Lien URL de l'évènement:
Dates de l'évènement: 
Vendredi, 18 mai 2018